What’s the Best Spanish School Course to Take?

Learn Spanish in Spain - Best Spanish Course to Take
Learn Spanish at a Spanish School and Save Money!

If you have already decided to learn Spanish in Spain and you have chosen where to learn Spanish and decided on which Spanish school to study Spanish in, you may be wondering which Spanish course you should choose.

How many Spanish classes are optimal for you? Do you want to do only an intensive Spanish course? Or do you want to do an intensive Spanish course plus take some elective Spanish courses? Here’s a general description of the Spanish courses you will see in Spanish schools throughout Spain.

The Standard Intensive Spanish Course in Spain

20 Spanish Classes per Week

Choose a Standard Intensive Spanish Class if you want to learn a lot of Spanish, but still have the free time and energy to spend time outside of class with friends exploring museums, galleries, cafes, or spend some relaxing time at the beach. 

The Standard Intensive Spanish Course is the most popular Spanish course offered in most Spanish schools in Spain. If you want to learn Spanish and you take this course, you can be guaranteed to learn a lot of Spanish in a short time. Classes are divided into grammar, vocabulary, Spanish conversation, and Spanish listening, reading, and writing. It is a well rounded Spanish course that will help you to fully develop all of your Spanish communicative abilities.

The Standard Intensive Spanish Course almost always consists of 20 Spanish classes per week. However, some schools offer a Standard Intensive Spanish Course that consists of only 15 Spanish classes per week, while others offer a Standard Intensive Spanish Course that may consist of 25 Spanish classes per day.

The 20-Class Standard Intensive Spanish Course offered by most Spanish schools is an excellent choice for the majority of students who learn Spanish in Spain. The 20 Spanish classes quickly add up – if you study for a month or more, you will complete 80 Spanish classes per month and you will improve your Spanish considerably. As you learn Spanish your communicative abilities will improve in all areas.

Learning Spanish for 4 hours per day may seem like a lot. However, learning Spanish in a Spanish school in Spain is nothing like learning Spanish in high school or at college. It’s a lot more fun and a lot easier. There is usually a short break and a longer break (about 30 mins) that divide up the 4 Spanish classes. And break time allows you to have a coffee, relax with friends, meet new people, and practice your Spanish.

Because most of the Standard Intensive Spanish Courses take place mornings, you have the day free from early afternoon on. That gives you plenty of time to spend time with friends on the beach, at a cafe, in a majestic plaza, or wherever – and you will be speaking and hearing Spanish the entire time! Therefore, this course is an excellent choice if you want to learn Spanish and still have free time to experience Spain and have a lot of fun!

Standard Intensive Spanish Course “+” in Spain

25 Spanish Classes per Week

Choose a Standard Intensive Spanish Course “+” if you want to spend some extra time and effort focusing on a particular subject of study.

Many Spanish schools in Spain offer additional Spanish classes that you can add on to your Standard Intensive Spanish Course. The “+” refers to whichever Spanish class you add on. A Standard Intensive Spanish Course + 1 could, therefore, be a Standard Intensive Spanish Course (20 hours per week) with an additional conversation class per day. Each day you would complete your regular Spanish class and then, depending on when the classes end, you would have an additional Spanish conversation course either immediately after your regular Spanish classes or in the afternoon, after lunch.

The add-on Spanish classes allow you to focus on a skill (such as Spanish conversation) or an area (such as Spanish for business) and will accelerate your learning even more. The extra Spanish classes will, of course, require more time and effort, but you will benefit by learning even more Spanish.

Examples of Spanish add-on classes are:

  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish Culture
  • Contemporary Spain
  • Spanish for Tourism
  • Spanish for Medicine
  • Spanish Literature


Super Intensive / Spanish Immersion Classes in Spain

25 to 30 Spanish Classes per Week

Choose a Super Intensive or Spanish Immersion Class if you have very specific goals that require that you to learn, demonstrate, and use your knowledge of Spanish.

Different Spanish schools may call the same Spanish course by a different name. One Spanish school might call their 30-class per week Spanish course a “Super Intensive Spanish
Course” while another school calls the same type of Spanish course a “Spanish Immersion Course.”

Super Intensive Spanish Courses and Immersion Spanish Courses frequently consist of 25 to 30 Spanish classes per week (5 or 6 Spanish classes per day).

The first four hours of Spanish class will consist of a Standard Intensive Spanish Course (as described above). The 5th hour of Spanish class might consist of a Spanish add-on you have chosen. And the 6th hour of Spanish class might consist of additional writing exercises, idiomatic expressions, formal conversation, or lectures on contemporary Spain.

Super Intensive Spanish Courses and Immersion Spanish Courses are ideally suited for students with specific learning objectives, such as preparing for the DELE exam or preparing for full-time study at a Spanish university. Likewise, professionals being transferred to a Spanish speaking country for work might need to learn as much Spanish as quickly and as well as possible. Whatever the case, a Super Intensive or Spanish Immersion Class will get you there quicker – but will also require a significant amount of time and effort. That will leave students with less time (and maybe even less energy!) outside of the classroom, so some dedication is required!