Studying in Spain – 10 Reasons You Should Learn Spanish at a Spanish School

Save Thousands Studying in Spain

Spanish schools in Spain are experienced pioneers in the teaching of Spanish to foreigners. Here are just 10 great reasons to learn Spanish in Spain at a Spanish school!

1.  Spanish Schools Give You More Choices

Spanish schools in Spain are optimal places to learn Spanish. You will find Spanish schools throughout Spain. Not only can you learn Spanish in Spain’s most popular cities, but you can also learn Spanish in cities and towns off the beaten path. And because there are so many Spanish schools in Spain you can choose from a number of schools in any given city. So you can learn Spanish by the beach, near the mountains, on the outskirts of town, or right smack in the middle of it. Learning Spanish at a Spanish school gives you plenty of choices on where you can learn Spanish.

2. There’s Always a Spanish School to Meet Your Budget

How much it costs to learn Spanish in Spain depends on several factors, including the size of the city you are learning Spanish in, how big the Spanish school is, the time of year you are learning Spanish, and the costs of housing. Whatever your budget to learn Spanish, however, in Spain you can easily find a Spanish school that meets your budget. Smaller Spanish schools tend to charge less for their Spanish courses and less for housing, for example, and are a great option for those on a tight budget. If you want to go high-end, you can do that too!

3. The Spanish Classes Are Great

Spanish schools in Spain offer excellent Spanish classes. The Spanish schools are dedicated to teaching Spanish to foreigners. They teach Spanish all year round, year after year. Their Spanish teachers are university graduates that have specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners and even the newest Spanish teachers quickly gain a lot of experience. The schools use a proven methodology that makes learning Spanish easier than you think – and a lot of fun!

4. You’ll Meet Great People From Different Countries

One of the greatest things about learning Spanish at a Spanish language school in Spain is the people you will meet. Spanish schools in Spain typically have an interesting mix of international students. It’s not unusual to have a mix of French, German, English, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, and Italian students all in the same class – just to name a few! The international mix gives you more time to practice speaking Spanish and hearing Spanish. You will also learn about many different cultures through your interactions with your international classmates. These students tend to be an intelligent, goal oriented, and nice group that bands together while they are studying in Spain. Oftentimes, they become friends for life.

5. You Will Really Live in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain completely changes what it means to be visiting Spain. When you learn Spanish in Spain, you really are living there. Even if you only learn Spanish for a month, your daily routine will give you a deeper introduction to Spain. Aside from all the great sites in Spain, you’ll need to know where the supermarket is, where the pharmacy is, where to find a good restaurant or cafe. The regular routine of daily life will connect you to people and experiences in a deeper, more profound way than you would experience as a tourist. It’s an entirely different perspective!

6. The Spanish Classes Are Small

Compared to Spanish classes at your home university or even the university Spanish classes in Spain, the Spanish classes at Spanish schools are smaller. Smaller classes mean more personal attention and a cozier environment. Both will help you to learn as much Spanish as you can while you are in Spain.

7. The Spanish Teachers Are Great

No matter where you go in Spain to learn Spanish, you will find university educated, native Spanish speakers teaching your Spanish classes. They are teachers who have completed rigorous university programs that have prepared them well to teach Spanish.

8. Your Spanish School Will Arrange Housing For You

One of the greatest benefits of learning Spanish at a Spanish school in Spain is that the school will arrange your housing for you. Shared student apartments are the most popular choice because they are affordable, allow for independence, and let you live with your friends and classmates. Homestays are the next most popular choice. Your Spanish school can arrange either for you. Before you leave for Spain, the Spanish school will send you the details and contact info for your home in Spain.

9. You Will Learn a Lot of Spanish

You will definitely learn a lot of Spanish! Most Spanish schools base their curriculum on a standard intensive Spanish course consisting of 4 Spanish classes per day. Each month you will complete 80 Spanish classes! Spanish courses like these would be unthinkable at your home university! But in Spain, it turns into a couple of hours of Spanish classes in the morning, followed by a short break, and then a couple of hours of Spanish classes after break. Intensive as these Spanish courses may sound, the pace is actually quite manageable and the atmosphere in the Spanish classes is quite relaxed it doesn’t feel intensive at all. The Spanish courses are well rounded. They are divided into grammar, Spanish conversation, writing, and comprehension skills. Each Spanish course is designed to guide you to the next level of Spanish in just one month. You will learn Spanish fast!

10. Flexible Start Dates for Spanish Courses

Spanish courses are offered year round at Spanish schools in Spain. You can learn Spanish in the summer or at any time during the year. Some schools offer Spanish courses that start every week while others offer Spanish courses that start every two weeks. Other Spanish schools offer Spanish courses that start at the beginning of each month. Depending on the Spanish school, the minimum course duration might be as little as a week or two weeks. This means that you can learn Spanish in Spain when you want and for as long as you want.