Universidad de Alicante / University of Alicante

Universidad de Alicante / University of Alicante
Universidad de Alicante / University of Alicante

Learn Spanish in Spain at the University of Alicante.


Spanish Language Program in Alicante, Spain


Spanish Language and Complementary Courses.

The University of Alicante’s “Spanish Language and Complementary Courses” is a Spanish language program that combines 3 Spanish classes per day (15 Spanish classes per week) with an additional Spanish class (1 hour per day, 5 hours per week). The Spanish Language Courses cover Spanish grammar, Spanish written expression, Spanish listening comprehension, etc.

The Spanish language courses are offered at all levels, from beginners Spanish to advanced Spanish. Each level lasts 4 weeks.

The Complementary Courses consist of Spanish classes such as:

  • Spanish Conversation all levels): for students who wish to improve their fluency in Spanish and understand the language in different formal and colloquial communicative situations.
  • Spanish for Business: for students who require accreditation of their command of the language in the specific contexts of business and work.
  • Spanish Culture and Civilisation: for students who wish to study the language in its cultural context, and to learn about Spain’s social customs, history, festivals, gastronomy, etc.
  • Spanish through Film: for film enthusiasts who want to approach Spanish culture through recent films by Almodóvar, Saura, Amenábar, etc.
  • Spanish through Art: For students interested in the great figures and works in the history of Spanish art, and who want to learn vocabulary specific to this field.
  • Spanish through Literature: for enthusiasts of reading and literature who wish to improve their Spanish by reading the works of the great classic authors such as Cervantes, Unamuno, Lorca, etc.

Note: Courses are subject to a minimum number of enrolments.