Tia Tula – Study in Spain – Salamanca Spanish Course

Tia Tula – Study in Spain – Salamanca Spanish Course
School / Course Name: Tia Tula – Study in Spain – Salamanca Spanish Course
Program Type: Intensive Spanish Language Course – Salamanca
City: Salamanca
Detailed Description:

Learn Spanish in Spain at Tia Tula Spanish School.


Spanish Language Program in Salamanca, Spain.


Intensive Spanish Classes – 4 Spanish Classes per Day.


4 hours daily of Grammar and Practical Conversation (spoken and written). With this course we strive to cover a variety of real situations (those a study would confront daily) through the knowledge of vocabulary”,” grammatical structures and set uses of the language.

The method of classes at Tia Tula is totally interactive”,” using conversation with the students as the base of learning. It is great for students who seek to learn the language and have free time to enjoy the country. Minimum level of knowledge required

These courses do not require a minimum level of knowledge of the Spanish language. The first day of class”,” at 9 in the morning”,” you will take a test to determine your corresponding class level.


The courses of are divided into 6 distinct levels: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Basic), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Advanced), C1 (Superior) and C2 (Perfecting).

Number of students per group

Maximum number is 10 students per group.

Schedule of Classes

Classes are given in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the level.

Courses start dates

The students can join a class any Monday of the month, with the exception of those at the beginner level, that can begin their studies only at the start dates established in the Academic Calendar. These beginner level students do not have to take a level test.


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How to register

You can easily register online using the Online Registration. After you have registered you will receive an automated email regarding your pre-registration; not long after we will personally respond indicating the measures you need to take to continue with your registration. You do not have to pay anything until indicated.
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