Universidad de Salamanca – Learn Spanish in Spain

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Universidad de Salamanca – Learn Spanish in Spain
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Learn Spanish in Spain at the University of Salamanca.


Spanish Language Program in Salamanca, Spain.


Learn Spanish at the university’s Cursos Internacionales Spanish Language Program.



Through the University of Salamanca’s “Cursos Internacionales” Spanish courses for foreigners, students can study abroad or learn Spanish in Spain for a few weeks, months, semesters or an entire academic year.

Cursos Internacionales offers Spanish language courses year round at all levels from Beginner to Proficient. Our courses in Spanish can be from two, three, four or ten weeks in duration.

  • Spanish Language courses are offered at Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient levels. On the first day, all students take an Spanish placement test.
  • Students should choose from between a minimum of three class hours per day to a maximum of five.
  • The first two hours of Spanish Language are mandatory for all students. Language class sizes will be a maximum of 15 students.
  • 3rd hour:
    • Spanish Vocabulary (Beginner).
    • Spanish language elective (Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency).
  • All electives are offered specifically at the 4th and 5th hour.
  • All our Spanish courses (third, fourth, and fifth hours) can be complemented with the following subjects:
    • Economics/Political Science. European Union (45 hours).
    • Economics/Political Science. Current Spain (45 hours).
    • International Marketing (45 hours).
    • Spanish Culture (45 hours).

Prices (2019):

4 week course, 3 Spanish classes per day: 645 euros

4 week course, 4, Spanish classes per day: 790 euros


10 week course, 3 Spanish classes per day: 1,365 euros

10 week course, 4 Spanish classes per day: 1,685 euros


Cursos Internacionales can provide the student accommodation in a Spanish family or in a student residence hall. The student who requests housing, in family or in residence hall. Students must pay a small fee for this services.


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