SOL Barcelona – One Week Spanish Immersion Course in Spain

SOL Barcelona – One Week Spanish Immersion Course in Spain
School / Course Name: SOL Barcelona – One Week Spanish Immersion Course in Spain
Program Type: 1 Week Spanish Immersion
City: Barcelona
Detailed Description:

Learn Spanish in Spain at SOL Barcelona Spanish School.


Spanish Language Program in Barcelona, Spain.


1 Week Spanish Immersion Course.



The 1 Week Spanish Immersion course consists of 20 class-hours of Spanish and begins on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. It is offered to beginners through intermediate level students.


Study Spanish in a reduced classroom size environment at affordable prices. Maximum 5 students per class. Our methodology is dynamic and communicative. We concentrate on developing speaking skills and learning practical skills to be able to live and work in Spanish speaking countries. Our class sizes are small because we know you can´t learn to speak in classes with large numbers of students.

Objectives:At beginner`s level the aim of this course is for learners to get to grips with basics and begin to undertake simple tasks in everyday Spanish society such as introducing oneself, asking questioons, giving instructions, describing simple situations, ordering meals, going shopping etc. Grammar concepts relating to prepositions, present and past verb tenses as well as some coloquial expressions are introduced.

At intermediate level this course aims to give students the tools to begin to undertake all those tasks, not just of living in a Spanish speaking country, but also of working in such a country. Here students will learn how to express themselves in job interviews, inquire about renting or buying property in Spain, undertake simple transactions in banks etc. Some classes will look at newspaper articles so as to develop vocabulary pertaining to relevent everyday subjects. Grammar concepts relating to the subjuntive are introduced.