Spanish Schools Yield Drastic Savings on Study Abroad in Spain

Save Thousands Studying in Spain

Save Thousands of Dollars Studying in Spain

Spanish Schools in Spain Are Not Expensive

If you are interested in studying Spanish in Spain, you really should know that studying at a Spanish school in Spain can save you thousands of dollars.

As we noted in How Much Does It Cost to Learn Spanish in Spain?, tuition and housing are two of your largest costs when you study in Spain. Fortunately, the costs of tuition at a Spanish school in Spain are low, and so is the cost of housing in Spain.

And don’t be suspicious of the low costs – in reality the program costs are not extremely cheap by Spanish standards – they are extremely cheap by US standards. Because the costs of US study abroad programs are extremely high, US students pay significantly more to study in Spain than students from any other country. Consequently, American students are sometimes surprised by the affordability of Spanish language programs offered by Spanish schools in Spain.

Study Abroad Programs Can Be Very Expensive

Keep in mind that the study abroad programs organized by study abroad companies and universities have some very significant internal costs to cover in order to operate their study abroad programs in Spain (and elsewhere). Among the costs are advertising costs, administrative fees, salary costs for US employees, salary costs for foreign employees, rent for office space, the costs of purchasing computers, software, insurance costs, phone bills, etc..  To this they may add additional mark-ups that are added in order to keep the businesses profitable (even non-profit organizations need to earn more than they spend).

All of these costs are built into the cost of the study abroad program, which elevates the cost to you of study abroad and increases the cost of their programs beyond the program costs of Spain’s many Spanish schools for foreigners.

When you enroll directly into a Spanish school, however, you save thousands of dollars because you are not paying for those additional costs.

Save Thousands When You Study Spanish at a Spanish School

How much can you save? Below is a cost comparison chart for Alicante, Spain, which is one of Spain’s most popular destinations for learning Spanish.

Using average cost of Spanish schools listed in, we compare the average cost of learning Spanish at a Spanish school in Alicante, Spain vs. the cost of study in Alicante with some well-known study abroad companies: Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA),  the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), The Center for Cross-Cultural Study (CCCS), and the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USCA).

Comparison Chart – Spanish School Average Cost vs. Study Abroad Companies


How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad in Spain - Alicante


* See notes to chart below


Cost per Month to Learn Spanish in Spain

Spanish Course + Shared Student Apartment

  • Alicante – $958 per month
  • Barcelona – $1088 per month
  • Cadiz – $791 per month
  • Granada $874 per month
  • Madrid $1115 per month
  • Malaga $976 per month
  • Salamanca $759 per month
  • Seville $836 per month
  • Valencia $979 per month

Cost per Semester to Learn Spanish in Spain

Spanish Course + Shared Student Apartment (12-week semester)

Using the average pricing info above, here are average prices to study abroad in Spain and learn Spanish at a Spanish school:

  • Alicante – $2,874 per semester
  • Barcelona – $3,264 per semester
  • Cadiz – $2,373 per semester
  • Granada $2,622 per semester
  • Madrid $3,345 per semester
  • Malaga $2,928 per semester
  • Salamanca $2,277 per semester
  • Seville $2,508 per semester
  • Valencia $2,937 per semester


Comparison Chart – Spanish School Average Cost vs. Study Abroad Companies


How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad in Spain - Semester Cost


* See notes to chart below


*The cost per month to study in Spain  and the cost per Semester to study abroad at an Alicante Spanish school includes tuition, housing in a shared student apartment and housing placement. Free cultural events, such as guided city tours and school parties are also included. The costs for studying in Spain via a study abroad company include tuition, housing, housing placement, plus, depending on the company, other products/services such as health insurance and airport pickups, as well as advisory services related to visas, transcripts, orientations, local travel, and other services. Additional services are provided by the University of Alicante and the University of Alicante’s Centro Superior de Idiomas, which hosts the Spanish Language Program (offered to anyone age 18 and up, age 16, with parental consent) in Alicante.