Learning Spanish in Spain – Long-Term Study in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain - Long or Short Spanish Courses

If You Really Want to Learn Spanish, Consider Long-Term Spanish Courses in Spain

Most people would be amazed to know how much Spanish they can learn and how quickly they can learn Spanish in Spain. Languages classes at your home college or university cannot compare to in-country Spanish classes in Spain. They just don’t. If you really want to develop proficiency in Spanish, consider learning Spanish in Spain for at least 3 to 4 months. Five to six months of Spanish study in Spain are ideal, and it’s less expensive than you think!

Learn Spanish Fast

If you learn Spanish at a Spanish school in Spain, you will learn as much Spanish in 3 or 4 months as you would in two years of regular Spanish classes at your college. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. If you learn Spanish in Spain, in 3 or 4 months you will cover all of the material you would cover at college if you learn Spanish at your home college – and you will learn a lot more Spanish than you would at home!

Most Spanish schools in Spain are dedicated to teaching Spanish to foreigners. That’s all they do – teach Spanish. And they have been teaching Spanish for ages. They have the experience, the methodology, and the know-how to guarantee that you learn Spanish fast.

Spanish schools typically offer an variety of intensive Spanish language courses. The most common course is the “standard intensive course”. It consists of 20 Spanish classes per week and most students take month-long Spanish classes, so they pack in 80 Spanish classes in just four weeks!

Each month-long course will advance you one level of Spanish.

If you studied Spanish in Spain long-term, you would actually complete all the grammar you would need to be proficient in Spanish – think “fluent”.

Spanish in Spain – Spanish Course Levels

Here are the levels of Spanish taught at Spanish schools in Spain:

A1 – Absolute beginner / Beginner (Spanish 101)

A2 – Elementary (Spanish 102)

B1 – Intermediate (Spanish 201)

B2 – Upper Intermediate (Spanish 202)

C1 – Advanced

C2 – Mastery

Again, each month-long course that you pass will advance you to the next level Spanish course. In six months of Spanish courses in Spain you will complete all the Spanish grammar you would complete in Spanish 101, Spanish 102, Spanish 201, and Spanish 202.

In just 4 months of Spanish courses in Spain you will have completed the equivalent of your foreign language requirement at your home college. And you will speak way more Spanish than students at your college that took regular Spanish classes at home!

Learn Spanish Conversation, Grammar, and Writing

Intensive Spanish courses are not all about Spanish grammar. When you learn Spanish in Spain you will also have Spanish classes that focus on vocabulary building, pronunciation, writing skills, and Spanish conversation. In your time outside of class you will practice speaking Spanish and your Spanish comprehension skills will improve tons – you’ll be speaking and hearing Spanish all day long, every day. Learning Spanish in Spain is a full immersion language experience that will rapidly enhance all of your communicative skills in Spanish.

Why Learn Spanish Long-Term In Spain?

You Will Learn More Spanish than Short-Term Study in Spain

Each month that you spend learning Spanish in Spain will improve your Spanish exponentially. The more Spanish you learn, the more Spanish you can speak and understand. And the more Spanish you can speak and understand, the more you can learn and pick up from conversations, television, film, etc. When  you learn Spanish in Spain and your Spanish speaking and listening skills improve, you will find that you can absorb more information about Spanish culture during your interactions with friends, teachers, and the Spaniards you come across during your daily routine in Spain.

You Will Learn More Than Just Spanish

Conversations with Spaniards reveal attitudes and beliefs, both about Spain and your home country. Having in-depth conversations with Spaniards gives the Spanish an opportunity to tell you about Spain, its culture, current events, and politics. As you converse and as you listen, you will learn a lot more than just Spanish!

You’ll Set Yourself Apart

Long-term study in Spain enables you to achieve a level of Spanish that you cannot obtain if you learn Spanish during a short stay. Long-term study in Spain will also give you a much greater level of cultural understanding and cultural competency than you will obtain during a short stay in Spain.

It’s worth repeating – the more Spanish you learn, the more (advanced) Spanish you can learn. So once you have reached a Spanish 202 level, the extra months you spend learning Spanish in Spain will bring you increased Spanish language proficiency, deeper knowledge of Spain and Spanish culture, and cultural competency.

Proficiency in a foreign language and cultural competency are both valued assets in today’s labor market. If you possess them, you possess several advantages that set you apart and give you a competitive edge in the job market, including greater job prospects, more job security, and better prospects of being promoted.