How Much Does It Cost to Learn Spanish in Spain?

Learn Spanish in Spain - Barcelona

Learning Spanish in Spain. How Much Does It Cost?

It Costs Less to Learn Spanish in Spain Than You Think

Contrary to popular opinion, Spain is actually one of the most affordable destinations to learn Spanish. The cost of learning Spanish in Spain can be less expensive than learning Spanish in Latin America. The is true because of two factors: there is a large selection of quality Spanish schools in Spain to choose from and the cost of housing is frequently less expensive than the cost of housing in Latin America. The affordable cost of the Spanish courses in Spain and the lower cost of housing in Spain help offset the cost of travel to Europe. If you study Spanish long-term in Spain, your cumulative savings will really add up.

How Much Are  Spanish Courses in Spain?

The average cost of a one month Spanish course in Spain varies from city to city (and prices for Spanish courses may fluctuate a little bit due to currency exchanges, but rarely has a major effect).

Here are average tuition costs of Spanish courses for some of the most popular cities in Spain to learn Spanish (the largest Spanish, most expensive schools are omitted from the calculation because the disproportiate effect they have on average cost):

Cost to Learn Spanish in Spain – Cost of Spanish Courses per Month

How much it costs to learn Spanish in Spain depend on several factors, including where in Spain you learn Spanish. Average prices for a standard intensive Spanish course in Spain  (intensive Spanish course, 20 Spanish classes/wk., 80 Spanish classes/mo.) are:

  • Alicante – $558 per month
  • Barcelona – $574 per month
  • Cadiz – $503 per month
  • Granada $544 per month
  • Madrid $601 per month
  • Malaga $542 per month
  • Salamanca $508 per month
  • Seville $517 per month
  • Valencia $546 per month

Cost to Learn Spanish in Spain – Cost of Housing (student apt.)

Expect to pay between $250 and $300 per month for a room in a shared student apartment.

Housing costs are one of the two biggest costs when you learn Spanish in Spain. How much you pay for housing in Spain depends on the housing you choose.

You will pay more for housing if:

  • you learn Spanish in Madrid or you learn Spanish in Barcelona
  • you learn Spanish at one of the larger Spanish schools, which tend to charge more for housing
  • you select a more expensive housing option, such as a homestay with full board

Cost per Month to Learn Spanish in Spain – Spanish Course + Shared Student Apartment

  • Alicante – $958 per month
  • Barcelona – $1088 per month
  • Cadiz – $791 per month
  • Granada $874 per month
  • Madrid $1115 per month
  • Malaga $976 per month
  • Salamanca $759 per month
  • Seville $836 per month
  • Valencia $979 per month

You can learn Spanish in Spain for as little as $759 per month (tution and housing costs).

To that you will have to add the cost of food and fun. Fortunately, however, Spain is a very affordable country and the costs of food, transportation, going out, etc. are pretty low.