How Fast Can You Learn Spanish in Spain?

How Fast Can You Learn Spanish in Spain?

You Will Learn More Spanish in Spain in 3 Months Than You Will in Two Years at College

If you’re wondering how fast you can learn Spanish in Spain, or how much Spanish you can learn in Spain, you’d might be surprised to know that you can learn Spanish way faster than you thought.

How much Spanish can you learn in Spain?

First let’s look at just the numbers. Forget about all the fun you will have in Spain, forget about all the cool people you’ll meet in Spain, don’t think about the great food, art, architecture, music, beaches, or any of that. The numbers and a brief moment of reflection should make the light bulb go on.

Just look at the numbers.

The Most Popular Spanish Course in Spain – 20 Spanish classes per Week

If you learn Spanish in Spain, this is the course you will take. Depending on the Spanish school you go to, it might be described as a “Standard Spanish Course,” “Intensive Spanish Course,” or have another name. Some Spanish courses have even more Spanish classes, but 20 Spanish classes per week is the norm.

  • In 1 week you complete 20 Spanish classes
  • In 1 month you complete 80 Spanish classes
  • In 2 months you complete 160 Spanish classes 
  • In 4 months (one semester!) you complete 320 Spanish classes!

Pretty easy math, right? Now think about the Spanish classes you take at college.

Your College Spanish Classes Just Don’t Compare

We looked at a US college on the east coast for this example. It has a foreign language requirement consisting of 4 Spanish courses (Spanish 101, Spanish 102, Spanish 201, and Spanish 202). Once you complete the foreign language requirement, you should have an upper intermediate level of Spanish.

  • In 1 week you complete 3 Spanish classes (as opposed to 20 Spanish classes in Spain)
  • In 1 month you complete 12 Spanish classes (as opposed to 80 Spanish classes in Spain)
  • In 2 months you complete 24 Spanish classes (as opposed to 160 Spanish classes in Spain)
  • In one semester (4 months) you complete a mere 48 Spanish classes (as opposed to 320 Spanish classes in Spain)

Are you getting the idea?

In 2 Years of College Spanish, You Learn Less Than You Would if You Studied Spanish at a Language School in Spain for Just 3 Months.

For the college we looked at, semesters were approximately 16 weeks long and the Spanish courses consisted of approximately 48 Spanish classes per semester.

In 2 years of college, you complete 192 class-hours of Spanish.

But if you learn Spanish in Spain, in just 4 months you surpass your college Spanish classes by 40 hours – and that’s just the class hours! When you learn Spanish in Spain, you are constantly speaking Spanish and constantly hearing it and reading it. The Spanish learning continues throughout your stay in Spain and you learn quite a lot of Spanish.