Does Madrid Have A Beach?

Learn Spanish in Spain - Best Beaches Alicante
Many people from Madrid go to Alicante for beach and sun!

From Madrid to the Beach

Learning Spanish in Madrid – Best Beaches to Visit from Madrid: Alicante & Malaga

If you learn Spanish in Spain and you’ve chosen to learn Spanish in Madrid, you may want to hit the beach during your stay in Spain. Madrid is located in the center of Spain and is about as far away as you can be from Spain’s beautiful beaches. But there are beaches popular with the people who live in Madrid and if you’re studying Spanish in Madrid, you can take weekend beach trips to some very nice Spanish beaches.

Alicante has the best beaches in Spain and can be reached from Madrid in just 2.5 hours by train.

Beaches in Alicante

Postiguet Beach

Learn Spanish in Spain - Postiguet Beach
A great reason to Learn Spanish in Alicante, Spain – Postiguet Beach!

If you are studying or learning Spanish in Madrid and you’re getting an itch for some beach time, one of the easiest trips from Madrid is to go to Alicante. Alicante is popular with the locals in Madrid and is one of their biggest summer vacation destinations. Alicante can be reaches by bus or by train from Madrid and has plenty of beaches to offer. The easiest, and probably the most fun of Alicante’s beaches is Postiguet, which is right at the edge of the city. Postiguet beach is very popular with Spanish students and with international students that learn Spanish in Alicante. You’ll also find plenty of locals and tourists that take advantage of the beach and the many cafes and restaurants near the beach.

San Juan Beach

Learn Spanish in Spain - Alicante Best Beaches
Alicante’s San Juan Beach

Just to the north of Alicante is San Juan Beach, which is a long stretch of beach. San Juan Beach is several miles of white, sandy beach that stretches from Alicante’s San Juan locality north towards El Campello. It is a popular beach visited by visitors from all over Spain and Europe. San Juan Beach is a short tram ride from Alicante’s city center.

El Campello Beach

Learn Spanish in Spain - El Campello Beach
Another Great Reason to Learn Spanish in Alicante – El Campello Beach

El Campello, a small town to the north of Alicante, is situated just north of the San Juan Beach. El Campello’s beach is a a beautiful, white, sandy beach. It’s a smaller beach than San Juan Beach, but it has more cafes, restaurants and bars along its promenade than both San Juan Beach and Postiguet Beach combined. It’s a great beach to go to if you want to have a relaxing time and have the convenience of restaurants and cafes nearby. El Campello’s beach also has a really nice, relaxing vibe about it both day and night during the summer. El Campello’s beach is a short tram ride from Alicante’s city center, just beyond San Juan Beach, and is well worth the tram ride.

Beaches in Malaga

Malaga, like Alicante, is a popular beach destination and summer vacation spot for locals in Madrid. Malaga can also be reached by train from Madrid in as little as 2.5 hours.

La Malagueta Beach

Learn Spanish in Spain - Malagueta Beach - Malaga
Malagueta Beach in Malaga, Spain

La Malagueta Beach is one of Malaga’s busiest beaches. Similar to Alicante’s Postiguet beach, it is right at the city’s edge and is one of the closest beaches to Malaga’s city center. The beach can be easily reached by foot from Malaga’s city center. The beach has restaurants and beach bars, as well as areas to rollerblade or exercise. If you are learning Spanish in Spain, you will likely find yourself at La Malagueta Beach quite often with friends and classmates.

Pedregalejo Beach

Learn Spanish in Spain - Pedregalejo Beach - Malaga
Pedregalejo Beach in Malaga, Spain

Pedregalejo Beach is another one of Malaga’s most popular beaches among locals and tourists alike. Situated to the east of Malagueta Beach, the beach is divided into small coves, giving it the feel of a smaller beach. There are beach bars and restaurants either on the beach or located on the nearby promenade.

San Andres Beach

Learn Spanish in Spain - San Andres Beach in Malaga
San Andres Beach in Malaga

Located immediately to the west of Malaga’s historic city center, the San Andres Beach is another of Malaga’s popular beaches for its proximity to the city and ease of access. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty busy beach during the summer season. At the San Andres Beach you’ll find restaurants and other amenities you might be interested in.