Best Way to Learn Spanish – Standard Intensive Course

Best Way to Learn Spanish - Intensive Course

The Standard Intensive Spanish Course

The Standard Intensive Spanish Course is one of the most popular courses offered by Spanish schools in Spain. If you want to really improve your Spanish and move yourself towards Spanish fluency, it’s a Spanish course you cannot ignore.

A Standard Intensive Spanish Course typically consists of 20¬†class-hours of Spanish per week. The course is divided into five 4-hour sessions per week. Each day you’ll complete 4 class-hours of Spanish. At the end of each week you will have completed 20 class-hours of Spanish and by the end of a month-long intensive Spanish course you will have completed 80 class-hours of Spanish.

Each 4-hour session is generally divided into Spanish grammar classes, Spanish conversation classes, reading comprehension, vocabulary building and listening comprehension. As each week of classes progresses you will increase your knowledge of Spanish grammar, an extremely valuable asset which enables you to truly communicate in Spanish, you will increase your vocabulary, and your ability to tune into and understand spoken Spanish will improve.

Depending on the Spanish school you select, the Standard Intensive Spanish Course is offered in 1-week, 2-week, month-long, and semester long formats – you can study for a little as 1-week to get a bit of exposure to Spanish and Spanish culture, or you can study Spanish for as long as 6 months, which will allow to reach a highly conversational level of Spanish and give you plenty of insight of Spanish culture and customs.

Whatever your level of Spanish may be, you can find the Spanish course you need. Before starting a Spanish course you will be required to take a Spanish placement exam, which will allow your Spanish school to place you in the Spanish course appropriate for your level.