Alicante Has The Best Beaches in Spain

Learn Spanish in Alicante - Postiguet Beach
Postiguet beach in Alicante, Spain.

Three Beautiful Beaches in Spain that Outdo the Rest!

If you want to learn Spanish in Spain and you want to get in some serious beach time, then Alicante is where you want to learn Spanish!

Alicante’s beaches are beautiful, easy to reach, and a lot of fun. While  you can go to beaches in many different places in Spain, if learning Spanish and beach time are a combination you’re interested in, you’ll definitely want to check out Alicante.

When you learn Spanish in Alicante, beach time isn’t just spending sun-drenched hours on the beach – it becomes an extension of your Spanish classes. Half language lab, have conversation practice, the time you spend with friends at the beach is time you will spend practicing your Spanish and listening to it. Alicante’s beaches are also a great place to meet Spanish people from Alicante and other parts of Spain. Locals spend plenty of time on the beaches, and during the summer time you will find plenty of Spaniards from Madrid and Alicante’s surrounding towns, many of whom choose Alicante for their summer and beach holidays.

Here are the beaches in Alicante you don’t want to miss!

1. Postiguet Beach


Postiguet is Alicante’s main beach. Throughout most of the year you will find university students, exchange students, university students, international students studying Spanish, and local Spaniards having fun at Postiguet. The beach is just steps away from Alicante’s historic center. You can be in Alicante’s historic center one moment, and on the beach the next! When you need a break from the sun, there is a promenade along the entire length of the beach with several cafes that serve coffee, tapas, food, and ice cream. The beach starts at the end of Alicante’s Explanada, a palm-tree lined walkway that is filled with restaurants, bars, and snack shops from end to end. After a day at the beach, lunch, dinner, a coffee or drinks are just a few minutes walk from the beach.

Postiguet is a great place to read, relax, and even study for your Spanish classes. It is also a great place to meet Spanish people and practice your Spanish – the locals in Alicante are a social bunch and are accustomed to seeing and meeting foreign students and tourists in Alicante and on its beaches. So beach time becomes an opportunity to practice Spanish with native speakers and improve your ability to speak and understand Spanish!

2. San Juan Beach

San Juan Playa, as it is called in Spanish, is just a few stops away from Alicante’s city center on Alicante’s modern tram system. It is the largest beach of Alicante’s popular beaches and is a great beach to go to if you want to spend time with friends and relax without all the excitement of Postiguet beach. The beach has a much more spacious feel than Alicante’s Postiguet beach. Depending on which part of the beach you go to, there are restaurants on the beach or on the promenade, though not as many places to choose from as Postiguet or El Campello.

3. El Campello Beach

Don’t miss the beach at El Campello. If you go to Alicante to learn Spanish, make sure to visit it during the first weeks of your stay in Alicante. It’s a beach we love because it’s not too big, but has plenty of space and so it doesn’t get too crowded. The atmosphere in El Campello is wonderful, especially during the summer. El Campello’s beach has a promenade that extends the entire length of the beach and is filled with restaurants, cafes, snack shops, and some bars. It is a great beach to visit if you like to wander away from the beach every now and then and have places to eat or drink right at your finger tips. The beach at El Campello can be reached by Alicante’s tram and is located just past the end of San Juan Beach. Even the tram ride to the beach is nice!